Tim Haddock

Tim Haddock is the Founder and CEO of Fundamental Financial overseeing the strategy and investments for the firm. Previously, Tim was a Partner and Managing Director with the global merchant banking firm Greenhill & Co.
Tim earned his MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Texas Christian University, where he was a Stark Foundation Scholarship recipient.
Tim is a sports and music fan – and wishes he was more talented at both. He is married, the father of three children, and lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City.


Executive Vice President

Vince Mancuso

Vince Mancuso is Fundamental’s Executive Vice President. He manages the company’s overall portfolio development strategy, focusing on asset growth, client retention, and bringing further efficiencies to the company.
Vince has over 23 years of commercial finance experience. Prior to joining Fundamental as a principal, he was Senior Vice President at Far West Capital and Managing Director of Bluewater Consulting.
Vince is a former Executive Committee Member of the Commercial Finance Association and remains active in the Association’s efforts to serve and preserve the commercial finance industry.
Vince is a fanatical music, sports, and boating nut and resides in Austin, Texas.


Executive Vice President & CFO

Tim Brezinsky

Tim Brezinsky serves as Fundamental’s Executive Vice President and CFO. He oversees the firm’s risk management and capital relationships. Previously, Tim was a senior partner with Withum Smith + Brown, a leading Mid-Atlantic accounting firm.
Tim is a CPA and earned his BA in Accounting from St. Bonaventure University where he played Division I tennis. He remains an active sports enthusiast today. Tim is married and the father of four grown daughters.


Risk Manager

Tony Piergiovanni

Tony Piergiovanni is Fundamental’s Senior Risk Management Advisor. He also serves as the Managing Principal of pH Analytics, a leading regional human resources consulting firm. Previously, Tony was CFO of Mallinckrodt Baker, a $350 million global specialty chemical company.
Tony earned his MBA from Lehigh University and a BS in Finance from Penn State University.


Senior Portfolio Manager

Jewel Mathewson

Jewel Mathewson is Fundamental’s Senior Portfolio Manager in charge of the firm’s funding activities. Previously, she was with United Capital Funding Corp. as an IFA Certified Sr. Account Executive, specializing in IT Consulting & Engineering, Security Staffing, Medical Staffing, and Manufacturing industries.
Jewel’s previous background was in Health Care Administration and she was the former President of Nurses 200 Inc. located in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Jewel’s interests include interior design, fine cuisine, and adventurous travel. She is the mother of two children, grandmother of five, and has two beautiful dogs, Cali and Lucie.


Director of Marketing

Dan Mottola

Dan Mottola oversees multichannel marketing for Fundamental, including client acquisition, content strategy, digital media, and research. Prior to joining Fundamental, Dan provided content strategy consulting to national brands in real estate, healthcare, and consumer packaged goods.

Dan holds a degree in Journalism from Texas State University and studied Digital Marketing at General Assembly.

An avid entrepreneur, Dan launched a successful specialty food brand and a short-term rental business in metro Austin. Dan loves to cook and is married with two dogs and two chickens.