Mea Culpa

My most recent post – “The Receivables (Don’t) Exchange” – seems to have created quite a stir.  To my surprise however, the controversy is a far different one than I expected.


 While there has certainly been a good deal of praise (which I appreciate – but is not my objective), there has also been quite a lot of criticism.  But here’s the surprise!


 The criticism over the content has been minimal.  The criticism over the timing of publication, however, has been both fulsome and sharp.  In one way or another, critics were simply annoyed that I did the bulk of my work on this topic two years ago – but only now decided to publish.  Thinking more about it, frankly, this criticism is totally fair.  Mea Culpa! 


While it’s no excuse, I do want to make it clear that there was no nefarious motive.  It was simply pushed down the list of topics that were of interest to me – nothing more.  Nonetheless, the new policy is this:  Topics where timing is a relevant consideration will be published in a timely manner – or not at all.