Apps to Jump Start Your 2016

One of the world’s bestselling novelists of the twentieth century once wrote, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” With the New Year quickly approaching, we feel increased pressure to get ahead in our personal lives by reinventing ourselves and our actions. While it’s common to set goals regarding personal improvements, I wanted to focus on the changes that will get you miles ahead in the workplace.

Consider for a moment the goals you have set regarding the professional sphere for 2016. Perhaps its landing that Fortune 500 Company as a new client, or overhauling corporate productivity to send sales skyrocketing. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions, we could all use a little help. To jump start your 2016 resolutions, here are few applications that will make “getting started” easier and more convenient.

For the Social-Media Addict:  Moment
Checking Facebook too often to focus on your pipeline?  Encouraging users to “live in the moment” rather than lose hours of time to your smart phone, Moment guillotines distractions by tracking the amount of time users stay on their phone and allowing them to set daily time limits for usage. When you begin to approach your daily limit the app will let you know.

 For the Perennially Disorganized: Schedule Planner 
Whether you run your own business or manage a small team, you probably have dozens of tasks juggling through your mind each morning before setting foot out of bed. While the standard calendar features that come with most smart phones cover the basics like scheduling, reminder alerts, etc., the Schedule Planner app takes organization to the next level. showing a simple and easy-to-use interface, tasks can be created, edited, and rearranged with the swipe of your finger for an optimal organizational experience without the clutter of traditional pen-and-paper planners.  

 For the Mobile Freelancer: OfficeTime 
Consulting work is great: you can work at leisure from any location at your convenience. But tracking hours logged and different projects can be overwhelming. On top of that, you’re the chief of a new start-up and don’t have time to type in each billable hour. Well, OfficeTime is here to amalgamate the chaos with a single mobile app: create projects, track time, log billable hours, and sync to a desktop to produce detailed invoicing and reports. The app even boasts team-syncing capabilities that allow users to share cross-team reports and divide hours and payment. OfficeTime gives you the power to be systemized and accurate with yourself, your hours, and your client.

 For the Corporate Globetrotter:  Tripit 
Whether it’s the board meeting in NYC or the conference in London the Tripit app consolidates your travel plans into a single itinerary, making it easy for any jet-setting entrepreneur to stay atop of his or her travel plans. Once downloaded Tripit automatically searches your emails, finds travel-confirmations, and creates an efficient, easily to read itinerary. The app knows when purchases are made on major airline sites such as Delta or Orbitz, as well as car rentals, restaurant reservations, hotels, and many more travel-related bookings.

 For the Business-Card Collector: ABBYY Business Card Reader
After leaving a national conference or business lunch with new clients one can easily have business cards spilling out of your wallet. The Business Card Reader app from ABBYY solves the problem of card-overload by scanning and saving contact information directly to your phone. With state-of-the-art character recognition built into the app scanner and the ability to recognize 22 different languages, this app is a must for any person looking to avoid clutter.

 For the Well-Connected Entrepreneur:  Humin 
Give a much-needed shot of adrenaline to your contacts and connections with the Humin app. Hailed by the Washington Post as the “app that uses context to enable better human connections,” Humin combines contacts and their information from all major social media platforms and stores it to your phone. The app records the date and time a contact was added, so you can search by someone by city, job, or simply “met last May.” Humin is a 2016 must have groundbreaking mega-app.