Family Fundamentals: The Work Life Balancing Act

For anyone working to build a prosperous career or business, especially entrepreneurs, the wall between work and personal life often requires maintenance and can easily break down. The siren song of success beckons us to choose work when we should be making time for our health and relationships. It’s a balance that takes serious effort to craft and preserve. Here at Fundamental, we exist to empower entrepreneurs and help emerging companies reach their full potential. So we think it’s important to check in on our work life balance from time to time and share the insights we find most helpful.

Serial Entrepreneur David K. Williams, in a recent article for Forbes, wrote that while “clinical work addictions may be rare, lack of work/life balance is a pervasive issue that to some degree applies to us all.” Indeed, he argues that nearly everyone can benefit from improving that balance of work, rest, and play. So Williams compiled a list of 12 Ways To Improve Work Life Balance Beginning Today. Check out our top three tips below and join us in making our work life balance even better.

1.    Build downtime into your schedule. Because hard-charging entrepreneurs are proficient at filling their schedules with goal activities, we can make great progress by using our planning strengths to our advantage. Exercise and reading are activities you can schedule in to achieve.

2.    Communicate clearly about what’s working and what isn’t. This is not complaining; it’s communication. Acknowledge and cherish the things that go well. Work to minimize or eliminate what’s not working. This is an assessment that is continual and is important to everyone, rather than making excuses or just “making do.”

3.     Have a strong support network. Every great entrepreneur is influenced by the people within his or her circle of closest associates and friends. Business expert Jim Rohn has famously noted, “You are the average of the five people you are with most of the time.” Knowing the full importance of a strong support network, perhaps you should choose these key players with additional care. And perhaps you could be a better resource for those who are relying on you.