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By making grocery shopping smarter, customers can spend less time in the store and more time cooking and feasting. Meanwhile, retailers and brands can offer their customers more relevant products at a better value. It’s all thanks to improved in-store analytics, or the use of technology to better understand what consumers really need and want. Fundamental Financial recently partnered with a firm at the forefront of this emerging technology, Pennsylvania-based VideoMining Corporation.

By integrating marketing data deployed before customers hit the store with cutting-edge in-store analytics that track behavior at the store, this VideoMining offers incredibly deep buyer insights to the top 50 retailers and manufacturers across the $2 trillion consumer packaged goods industry.

Fundamental empowered this dynamic startup with an $850,000 asset-based lending facility. Proceeds support future growth while shifting debt away from a community bank that offered limited cash availability. If you or your clients need a flexible funding partner that moves at the speed of technology, contact Fundamental today.