Recently Funded / Royal Snacks

When a snack attack hits, you need quality options. Otherwise you get hangry, or worse, you resort to junk food. That’s why it was so satisfying to partner with Royal Snacks, a 2½-year-old producer of delicious packaged snacks loved by eaters internationally. The company’s leadership has deep industry experience. That explains their popular and tasty products as well as their retailer-preferred offerings such as pre-fab branded racks with an assortment of snacks for every appetite. Royal had previously self-funded due to time in business, but they needed an extra boost of cash to get to the next level. Unfortunately, when they sought that growth capital from banks, they continued to hear “not yet.” More flexible than banks, we thought Royal’s fundamentals hit the spot. Plus, we love the operators, the products, and the business. So we opened up a $700k revolving line of credit based on accounts receivable and inventory to fund Royal’s appetite for healthy growth. Everyone left the table happy!