Our Team

An inherent desire to support and improve the communities in which we invest

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We employ a disciplined, credit-intensive investment process with a focus on cash flowing projects that meet vital community needs. Our teams leverage their decades of experience to navigate inefficient and fragmented markets, underwrite complex and idiosyncratic deals, and invest across capital structures, sectors and geographies in order to consistently generate value across market cycles. With a commitment to excellence, integrity and teamwork, our objective is to drive meaningful value for both our investors and the communities in which we invest.

Our Guiding Principles


Act with excellence and strive to improve

Reputation & Integrity

Always act with integrity and maintain both the firm’s and our investors’ reputation


Strong collaboration across disciplines with a shared goal of creating long-term value

Teams work collaboratively to source, analyze, structure and execute with the common goal of optimizing value.

Leverage network of long-term industry relationships that provide access to localized, off-the-run opportunities and recurring deal flow.

Professionals with decades of experience navigating the complex operational, legal, tax and regulatory issues often prominent in municipal and public purpose assets.

Flexible capital and interdisciplinary skill sets allow us to develop highly tailored solutions via adaptive investment strategies, products and structures.